Osceola REDI (Recovery from Emergency Disaster Initiative) is a coalition of governmental agencies, faith-based and non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals dedicated to assisting those who have been victims of disaster by pooling community resources and assistance. The non-profit organization provides comprehensive and integrated emergency management assistance to help Osceola County, Florida prepare, respond and recover from disasters that may impact our county. We help ensure programs and protocols are in place to ensure Osceola County, Florida is prepared before, during and after a disaster.

What is our goal in the long run?

Local communities and their citizens must be prepared in case of a disaster. As we have seen from larger national disasters, the federal government is not equipped to be the lead entity in meeting long-term community needs in disaster recovery. The state government has responsibility for public safety and welfare and are the main players in coordinating resources and capabilities, as well as obtaining support from other states and the federal government. Local officials have the primary responsibility for community preparedness and response.

Ultimately, individuals and households are key starting points for emergency preparedness and support for community efforts. Osceola REDI is designed to be that grassroots entity working with the local government to ensure citizens’ needs are met in the wake of a disaster. REDI will help ensure the community is prepared for a disaster prior to declaration to lessen the need for recovery services. However, REDI will be there to serve the community where the government can't to help ensure Osceola returns to normalcy as quickly as possible.